Entron Technology Inc.

Technical cooperation to strengthen the dSPACE portfolio for data logging, prototyping, and data replay

Entron Technology (Shanghai) Inc. and dSPACE have established a technical cooperation to increase value for their shared customer base by mutual compatibility and support. The cooperation especially benefits customers operating in the ADAS/AD domain but also in robotics or aerospace. The technical compatibility and exchange of technical information accelerates development and validation processes, such as prototyping, data logging, and testing with data reprocessing or simulation. This cooperation strengthens the dSPACE portfolio for data logging, prototyping, and data replay, specifically AUTERA and the ESI Unit.

Entron Technology was founded by people who have devoted their entire careers to the semiconductor and optical industry. With direct access to leading semiconductor and optics providers, Entron is committed to developing leading performance imaging and sensing products for our customers.

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