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Developing and testing smart charging technologies

When developing new charging technologies, charging speed is a top concern. In a smart charging system, electric vehicles, charging stations, and charging operators share data in real-time. Therefore, the smart system knows how much energy is required and available for a given time period. This optimizes the use of energy supplies, avoids overloading of the system, and accelerates the charging speed.


A large number of manufacturers for electric vehicles (EV) and charging stations develops and provides software for their individual platforms. The charging infrastructure is also heterogeneous and depends on local conditions. Therefore, all software has to be combined to an overall system and subsequently validated.

To achieve seamless communication between the EV and the charging stations, several standards, such as CHAdeMO, ISO 15118, and GB/T, must be considered when introducing onboard chargers for electric vehicles worldwide. These standards not only help the customers who can easily switch between manufacturers, they also help the manufactures themselves by harmonizing and thus facilitating their development processes. However, these standards lead to high efforts during the development process. However, they still do not guarantee full interoperability.

In addition to the communication challenges, a lot of power electronics are involved in the energy transfer. This leads to additional efforts regarding safety and robustness of the charging process since we are dealing with high voltages, high currents, and high power.

dSPACE Solution

The worldwide charging standards include test descriptions, which facilitate the testing of interoperability between the charging station and the electric vehicle.

For developing and testing technologies involved in the charging process for electric vehicles, we provide a comprehensive solution portfolio including pure communication tests as well as predefined test libraries. Furthermore, dSPACE provides ready-to-use charging stations with full flexibility regarding the DC and AC output voltage to charge real electric vehicles.

PC-based simulation, supported by dSPACE VEOS, enables early integration and function tests that are independent from any hardware.

Our Smart Charging Solution offers versatile application options, including the simulation of charging stations as well as the simulation, test, and development of electric vehicle communication controllers or complete onboard chargers. This way, it supports both manufacturers of electric vehicles and manufacturers of charging stations in developing and testing smart charging technologies, including communication, as well as power electronic components.

Selected Use Cases

HIL Tests for Onboard Chargers

Testing onboard chargers of electric vehicles with simulated charging stations

HIL Tests for Charging Stations

Testing charging stations and their behavior when they are connected to different simulated electric vehicles

Testing Real Charging Processes

Comprehensive testing of real electric vehicle charging in the laboratory using the Smart Charging Station Emulator from dSPACE

HIL Tests for Plug-and-Charge Features

Testing advanced charging features based on ISO 15118-2, including plug-and-charge and value-added services

Production Software for Safety-Related E-Mobility Applications

Transfer function models to production code efficiently and in compliance with safety standards.

Selected Success Stories

University of Alabama: Energy Shared

Researchers from the academic and private sectors have teamed up to find a faster and more efficient way to charge an electric vehicle (EV).

Press Releases

KPIT and dSPACE team up

KPIT Technologies and dSPACE have teamed up to offer a comprehensive solution test suite for smart charging. The solution suite enables the development of next-generation onboard vehicle chargers that comply with international standards, thereby facilitating conformance testing.

One-stop-shop solution for developing and testing new charging technologies

Our Smart Charging Solution offers automobile manufacturers and providers of charging stations a complete solution for developing and testing technologies for smart charging.

Video Success Stories Use Cases

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