The laboratory setup consists of a three-phase network simulation, a nonlinear consumer (rectifier with ohmic load), the active mains filter and the dSPACE system, which is operated from dSPACE's experiment software ControlDesk on a laptop.

Using active mains filters to suppress interference in aircraft electrical systems

November 22, 2010: The number of electronic components in aircraft is growing. To prevent the individual systems affecting each other negatively, effective suppression of interference in the electrical system is becoming increasingly important. Liebherr-Elektronik GmbH in Germany has developed a prototype of an active mains filter that can suppress interference on several devices at once, making it far more economical than conventional filters.

The necessary high switching frequencies in the active mains filter and the complex control algorithms are implemented by using a dSPACE system essentially consisting of the DS1005 PPC Board and various I/O boards. This system currently achieves a switching frequency of approx. 50 kHz. Thanks to multitasking, the resources of the dSPACE system can be distributed however required, so less important digital I/Os and temperature signals can be computed at considerably lower speeds, and additional resources can be assigned to more important tasks. All the sensor signals and any desired virtual variables can be observed with dSPACE's experiment software ControlDesk®, which is an extremely convenient way to perform troubleshooting and parameter optimization.

Basic Information

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