HIL Tests for Onboard Chargers

Testing onboard chargers of electric vehicles with simulated charging stations

There are many manufacturers of electric vehicles (EV) as well as of charging stations. At the same time, charging infrastructures also differ significantly depending on the region. To manage this diversity, the communication between the EV and the charging station is specified in several standards, such as ISO 15118, CHAdeMO, GB/T, and ChaoJi, all of which must be taken into account when testing onboard chargers for electric vehicles worldwide. For testing the power-line-based charging technologies, the DS5366 Smart Charging Interface from dSPACE is connected to a HIL simulator via CAN FD. For this use case, a SCALEXIO Customized System is equipped with a SCALEXIO LabBox, a DS6001 Processor Board, a DS6101 Multi-I/O Board, and a DS6341 CAN Board as well as power electronics and safety components, which are typically installed in a charging station. The DS5366 Smart Charging Interface simulates the communication controller of the charging station according to ISO/IEC 15118-1, -2, -3, DIN SPEC 70121, SAE J1772, and IEC 61851-1.

For charging communication according to the Asian standards, the DS5367 Smart Charging Plug Simulator provides the required signal conditioning. Furthermore, it enables failure insertion and signal manipulation that can be used for ISO and DIN as well.

Using Simulink® models, which are included in the Smart Charging Solution from dSPACE, you can simulate different charging stations and their behavior, including timing and message manipulation.  

Application Areas

  • Testing real electric vehicles and onboard chargers as well as their behavior when connected to different simulated charging stations
  • Testing various electronic control units and power electronics components involved in the charging process  

Key Benefits

  • Simulation of charging station communication controllers according to ISO 15118 and DIN SPEC 70121
  • Support of AC and DC charging
  • Simulating the behavior of charging stations using Simulink models
  • Logging protocol and status information using USB log and Ethernet raw data

Conformance Tests

To ensure interoperability between electric vehicles and charging stations, a considerable number of charging-standard-specific tests has to be implemented and executed. The Smart Charging ISO 15118-4 Conformance Test Suite provides standardized conformance tests for this purpose. Learn how to carry out these tests with our dSPACE solutions.

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