RCP Systems for Robotic Motion Controllers

Developing and validating functions

Application Areas

  • Developing and testing functions for robotic motion control in a real environment
  • High dynamics for developing even the fastest control loops

Key Points

  • Fast and flexible position sensor interfaces, such as incremental encoders, Hall sensors, SSI or EnDat encoders, accessible from the Simulink® real-time model
  • Easy generation of various high-quality output signals, for example, synchronous PWMs, to control the actuators directly from Simulink
  • Easy access to all variables, I/O, and bus signals of the real-time application at run time with ControlDesk
  • Integrated and freely programmable FPGA for implementing extremely fast control loops directly on the FPGA
  • Fast iterations thanks to the automatic implementation of Simulink models on the RCP hardware at the click of a button

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