Controller Implementation and Production Code Generation

The TargetLink code easily matches the efficiency of human programmers in terms of memory consumption and execution speed – without compromising readability. 

Once the new functions are developed and tested thoroughly, they need to be implemented on the target ECU. This means generating production code from the MATLAB®/Simulink®/Stateflow® model while taking into account the specific ECU's characteristics, such as memory and computing power.

The dSPACE production code generator, TargetLink, generates highly efficient C code straight from MATLAB/Simulink/Stateflow and allows for early verification through built-in simulation and testing. This drastically reduces the time needed for implementation and achieves systematic consistency between the specifications and the production code. Changes at the model level are quickly transferred to the code.

Highly Efficient, Highly Configurable Code

TargetLink was specifically designed for production-quality autocoding. The highly efficient code has two major benefits:

  • A low impact on the RAM/ROM/stack memory
  • Short worst-case execution times (WCET)

TargetLink Features at a Glance

  • Production code generation directly from Simulink®/ Stateflow
  • Highly efficient fixed-point and floating-point code
  • Comprehensive fixed-point support including autoscaling
  • Powerful software design and testing features
  • Direct verification by MIL/SIL/PIL simulation with integrated data logging and plotting
  • Support of modular, component-based development
  • Efficient data management with the TargetLink Data Dictionary
  • High-performance, native AUTOSAR support
  • Certified for ISO 26262, IEC 61508, and derived standards
  • TargetLink Ecosystem – powerful tool chain for model-
  • based development extended by complementary tools and services from third-party providers

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