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The commercial vehicles industry is embracing embedded electronics to optimize and expand the performance of applications for trucks, buses, and off-highway vehicles. As an independent system partner, dSPACE has done pioneering work on tools for ECU development, and cooperates closely with the automotive industry.

dSPACE supports all the development phases with its products, from architecture-based system design and block-diagram-based function prototyping to ECU autocoding and HIL testing. The advantages for automotive customers: considerable savings in time and cost, greatly enhanced software quality, and more efficient cooperation between manufacturer and supplier.

Engine and Powertrain
Moving goods and passengers by road is a key economic factor. And requirements for commercial vehicles are tough. In competition with, yet often in cooperation with, other means of transport, trucks and buses need to travel countless miles with maximum fuel efficiency and reliability, and minimum exhaust emissions. So new technologies that tackle these issues are on the rise – hybrid drives are one example. dSPACE has exactly the tools needed for developing, testing, and optimizing the engine and powertrain controls in commercial vehicles. Shift into top gear – with dSPACE tools!


Dongfeng Automates Manual Transmission (Dongfeng)
Getting There Faster: TargetLink at Conti Temic (Conti Temic)


Active and Passive Safety
Driving a truck or bus on the highway is an exacting and safety-critical task. Drivers regularly encounter situations where they not only have to keep a cool head, but also need to rely on safety systems to protect other road users, their vehicle, and themselves. This is why proactive safety systems are increasingly being used to guide and stabilize vehicles, help identify dangers in advance, and keep everybody safe.
Such safety systems are developed and further optimized with intelligent development tools such as dSPACE’s software and hardware.


Virtual Bus (EvoBus, MBTech Group)


Integration Test Systems/Virtual Vehicles
Commercial vehicles such as trucks usually cause significantly more variants to be handled during the software development process than passenger cars. Several axes, numerous vehicle configurations with different powertrain variants, onboard equipment and custom requirements – all these need to be tested efficiently and with all components interacting. Fully integrated, automated testing is key.

dSPACE tools help you work efficiently and master complexity, cost, and development time.


Virtual Bus (EvoBus, MBtech Group)
ASMs for Complete Truck Electronics Tests (Scania) 


Engine and Powertrain
Tractors, harvesters, excavators, wheel loaders, dump trucks and others like them are powerful machines, perfectly optimized for their application fields. As with other vehicles, their engines and powertrains need fuel efficiency, reliability, and minimum exhaust emissions. But they also need extra skills for handling exceptional driving situations which would not occur on the road, but are all the more frequent in fields and mines, and on construction sites.
dSPACE tools help your engines and powertrains do whatever they need to do, however much that exceeds ordinary standards.


Deutz: Diesel Meets Electric (Deutz)
Indestructible right from the start (Caterpillar)
CLAAS: TargetLink Goes to the Fields (CLAAS)


Active and Passive Safety
As impressive as off-highway vehicles are, working with them involves hazards that require the greatest possible protection for the vehicle itself, the environment, and the driver. Electronic safety systems such as “hill holders” and automatic emergency brakes provide that protection.
They can be further optimized with intelligent development tools such as dSPACE’s software and hardware.



Special Equipment for Special Tasks
Many commercial vehicles have special talents which make them unbeatable in their application fields. Lifting heavy loads, digging deep pits, plowing the fields, harvesting crops, rescuing people, extinguishing large fires: some vehicles have more equipment than a Swiss army knife. And that equipment usually involves intelligent electronics. This is where dSPACE tools come in, helping you develop, test, and optimize.


Snow Cat on a Hook (Kässbohrer)
The World's Largest Industrial Robot (Queensland University of Technology)
Higher, Faster, Further (IVECO MAGIRUS, Universität Stuttgart)


Product Description
Single-Board Hardware
  • For setting up a complete real-time control system with just one controller board
  • Programmable in Simulink® with the help of Real-Time Interface (RTI)
Processor Boards
  • Hardware core for dSPACE real-time systems for calculating models
  • Programmable in Simulink® with the help of Real-Time Interface (RTI)
  • Can be combined with additional processor boards to set up a multiprocessor system
I/O Boards
  • I/O boards for modular hardware
  • System configuration using any kind of I/O board combination
  • Programmable in Simulink® with the help of Real-Time Interface (RTI)
AutoBox / Tandem-AutoBox
  • Expansion boxes for in-vehicle use
  • Scalable processing power
  • Room for installing up to 13 boards (Tandem-AutoBox)
MicroAutoBox II
  • 2nd generation of dSPACE's robust and compact stand-alone prototyping unit
  • Available with programmable FPGA and additional embedded PC
  • Signal conditioning and power stages for dSPACE Prototyping Systems
  • Intelligent I/O subsystems for dSPACE Prototyping Systems
dSPACE Simulator
  • Highly flexible, open hardware concept with standard components that are set up according to customer requirements
  • Single-processor or multi-processor systems for calculating models
  • Freely expandable with dSPACE I/O boards
  • Signal conditioning, load simulation and electrical failure simulation
  • Available in various setups and sizes
  • Modular real-time system
  • Seamless hardware and software architecture for various test tasks
  • High channel and system flexibility
  • Configured completely by software
  • Connectible to existing systems

Product Description
  • For developing complex system architectures
  • Support of graphical modeling for AUTOSAR systems
Real-Time Interface
  • Automatic implementation of MATLAB®/Simulink®/Stateflow® models on dSPACE hardware
  • Graphical I/O configuration via comprehensive Simulink block libraries
  • Configuration and implementation software for SCALEXIO
  • Configuration software for RapidPro
  • Platform for PC-based offline simulation
  • Universal, modular experiment and instrumentation software
  • Convenient automation of test sequences
  • Flexible test planning with weekend and overnight tests
  • 3-D online animation of simulated systems in real time
  • Intuitive graphical scene design
  • 3-D object library
  • Multitrack mode for synchronized replay of multiple animations
  • Slow and fast motion
  • Graphical user interface for intuitive parameterization and parameter set management for the Automotive Simulation Models (ASM)
  • Automatic generation of C code directly from Simulink®/Stateflow®
  • Drastic reduction of coding time and development time
  • AUTOSAR support
Automotive Simulation Models
  • Real-time models for vehicle development (open MATLAB®/Simulink® models)
ECU Interface Software
  • Software for measurement, calibration, and diagnostic tasks
  • Data management for model-based development and ECU testing
  • Integrated variant management
  • Direct connection to engineering tools
  • Traceability between requirements, models, parameters, and test cases
  • Open API for integration in existing IT infrastructure and workflows
  • Scalable from small local teams to globally distributed teams

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