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dSPACE offers you a complete and integrated development environment for embedded control software. Our systems save you valuable development time and money, whether you use them throughout the entire process or just in individual project phases. dSPACE systems support established development processes, particularly for electronic control unit (ECU) development, and also offer you ways to adapt your process chains to new challenging needs. With constant innovations, key technologies and standards, and dedicated service and support, dSPACE helps you achieve long-term success. dSPACE systems let you perform demanding tasks such as system design, rapid control prototyping, automatic production code generation, hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing, virtual validation, and data management. Together with MATLAB®/Simulink®/Stateflow® from MathWorks®, dSPACE products provide a single, highly integrated tool chain for model-based development.

Increasingly tough environmental regulations, higher safety requirements, and the need for "intelligent" mobility are major challenges for the automobile industry. Carmakers and their suppliers are finding immense innovation potential in the issues of energy efficiency and digital networking, and also in the vision of accident-free driving. Studies show that the majority of all road accidents are due to human error.

The answer to these challenges comes from active safety and driver assistance systems, which help drivers perform routine actions and give a decisive boost to road safety.

Mandatory regulations at European level and stricter Euro NCAP criteria mean that in the future, automobile manufacturers will install more active safety and driver assistance systems in different vehicle classes.

In the face of growing environmental concerns, vehicle concepts of the future must leave behind internal combustion engines and rely on alternative power systems. Electric drives are the ideal solution because they are independent from finite resources and operate without emissions if they run on electricity from renewable energies. As the electrification of vehicles continues, current developments focus on fail-safe and limp modes, increasing ranges and the efficiency of electric drivetrains, reducing charging times, and improving storage and charging facilities.

An electric vehicle’s battery is recharged at a charging station, which is usually part of a complex charging infrastructure. Recent developments enable the electric vehicle and the charging station to communicate with each other to optimize the energy exchange process and schedule charging times – a concept called “smart charging”.


dSPACE offers complete solutions for developing and testing ECUs for electromobility applications.

Electric Power Industry

dSPACE offers comprehensive support for developing and testing ECUs for electric power industry applications – from controller design and rapid control prototyping to controller implementation and controller tests.

Electric Drives Technology

dSPACE offers a wide range of systems for developing and testing ECUs for energy storage systems, power electronics, and electric drives – from controller design and rapid control prototyping to controller implementation and controller tests. 


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