ECU interfacing comprises methods and tools for analyzing and preparing ECUs, and for connecting them to development and test environments, such as dSPACE RCP or HIL systems.

This means you can read and write ECU parameters and ECU variables and synchronize the program flows.

With dSPACE ECU interfacing, you can implement different scenarios for solving typical development and testing challenges.

For example:

  • Develop an extension of an existing control unit with the convenience of a dSPACE RCP system (bypassing): Connect an ECU to a dSPACE RCP system and develop the add-on, overlay, or replacement functionalities on the dSPACE system while the original ECU algorithms remain unchanged. You can connect additional sensor or actuator hardware to the dSPACE RCP system.
  • Perform white-box tests of functions or functionalities on the original ECU hardware (function testing): Connect an ECU to a dSPACE HIL system, provide input values and monitor, log, and validate computation results.
  • Simulate or overlay the vehicle environment during a virtual or real test drive: Connect an ECU to a dSPACE HIL system, replay prerecorded data for simulation or measure, modify, or replace ECU sensor values for overlaying.
  • Interface an ECU with short cycle times or in an electrically noisy environment: Use the dSPACE on-target ECU interfacing capabilities to execute a function or validation code on the ECU’s microcontroller instead of an external dSPACE RCP or HIL system.
  • Use a virtual ECU:  dSPACE on-target ECU interfacing also lets you execute functionalities on V-ECUs.
  • Investigate the software structure of the compiled ECU application, change its behavior or prepare it for development or test purposes without recompiling them: The dSPACE ECU interfacing toolchain allows for binary code analysis and modifications for most common microcontroller platforms.

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