Information on ASAM XIL API


ASAM XIL API is a standard for the communication between test automation tools and test benches. It decouples the test software from real and virtual test systems. This makes it easy to reuse test cases for different test systems. The standard also supports test benches at all stages of the development and testing process:
  • Model-in-the-loop (MIL)
  • Software-in-the-loop (SIL)
  • Processor-in-the-loop (PIL)
  • Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL)
dSPACE products can be used in all process phases and can work as a XIL API client as well as a XIL API server. The client, e.g., AutomationDesk, remote-controls the test system (server), e.g., dSPACE’s Platform API Package (for MAPort) or dSPACE’s Failure Simulation Package (for EESPort).

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