Solutions for ASAM XIL API – Generic Simulator Interface

The ASAM XIL API standard is the next generation of the ASAM HIL API standard. The XIL Model Access port (MAPort) supports test bench access at all stages of the function development process: MIL (model-in-the-loop), SIL (software-in-the-loop), PIL (processor-in-the-loop) and HIL (hardware-in-the-loop) simulation. 
The XIL API standardizes the interface between test hardware and software. It lets developers reuse test cases and decouples test automation software from test hardware. Users can:
  • Reuse automated tests on test systems from different vendors
  • Reduce training costs for employees
  • Improve the transfer of know-how from one test bench to another
ASAM (Association for Standardization of Automation and Measuring Systems) was founded in 1998 and dSPACE has been an active member ever since. Today, a wide range of dSPACE products support the ASAM XIL API standard.

Detailed Information on XIL API

Technical information on the ASAM XIL API standard and how it is supported in the dSPACE tool chain

XIL Cross Tests

XIL cross tests are carried out on a regular basis to check the interoperability of XIL API-compliant products.

AutomationDesk for Test Automation

AutomationDesk supports the HIL API MAPort (Model Access port) and, as of dSPACE Release 2015-A, also the XIL API MAPort and XIL API EESPort (Electrical Error Simulation port). The software is also a powerful test authoring and automation tool for HIL testing of ECUs.

Platform API Package for Connecting to dSPACE Platforms

The Platform API Package supports the XIL API MAPort (Model Access port) server. The package provides a set of libraries for accessing dSPACE real-time platforms and the PC-based simulation platform dSPACE VEOS.

Failure Simulation Package for Accessing dSPACE Failure Insertion Units

The Failure Simulation Package supports the XIL API EESPort (Electrical Error Simulation port) server for accessing dSPACE FIU systems.

ControlDesk for Experimentation

ControlDesk can be extended with the XIL API MAPort Platform Module, which provides access to third-party test benches by using an ASAM XIL API MAPort server for reading, writing and capturing variables.

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