In addition to ISO 26262, which refers to functional safety of road vehicles for safety-critical E/E systems, the ISO 21448 SOTIF standard addresses the safety of the intended functionality (SOTIF) to establish a safety standard for driver assistance systems and functions for autonomous vehicles.

SOTIF focuses on the absence of unreasonable risks due to hazards resulting from functional deficiencies of the intended functionality or due to reasonably foreseeable misuse by persons.

In the development of automated functions and autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles, accurate situational awareness is critical to safety. SOTIF describes situational awareness that is derived from complex sensors and processing algorithms. Defining measures that comply with SOTIF is absolutely crucial for automotive systems of an OICA/SAE J3016-defined automation level 2 and higher.

dSPACE offers a consultancy service to define these measures and implement them into processes, methodologies, tooling, and verification and validation criteria.

dSPACE participates in the VDA (Verband der Automobilindustrie – German Association of the Automotive Industry) working group on establishing SOTIF as the ISO 21448 (NA 052-00-32-08-06 AK „SOTIF“) standard.

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