Prototyping Functions for Automated Driving on Embedded Platforms

  • Development, execution, and debugging of algorithms directly on embedded platforms from PC
  • Use of components already compiled for target platforms
  • Consideration of runtime behavior and hardware acceleration in an early development stage
  • Support for NVIDIA® DRIVE™ PX 2, NXP BlueBox, and Renesas HAD Solution Kit

When developing functions for embedded platforms, a high number of time-consuming intermediate steps have to be planned. The algorithms are created in a development environment on the PC, cross-compiled and often manually transferred to the target platform. Code debugging can also be very laborious and may require the connection of monitor and keyboard to the embedded system. The innovative approach of Remote Studio Connector in RTMaps aims to avoid unnecessary work steps and thus simplify and accelerate the development of algorithms. The Remote Studio Connector allows the developer to use RTMaps Studio to create, execute, and debug diagrams on the target platform directly from a PC via an SSL-protected TCP/IP connection. Several precompiled component libraries are available for this purpose, e.g., for the connection of environmental sensors. As the algorithms are executed on the embedded system, many effects such as runtime behavior or hardware acceleration can be taken into account at an early stage of development. RTMaps supports the current development platforms for autonomous driving.


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