Prototyping Electronic Horizon Applications

  • dSPACE ADASIS v3 HR Blockset to provide an electronic horizon reconstructor on prototyping platforms
  • Access to high quality map data for developing map-based applications and functions for autonomous driving
  • Same reconstructor code as for production ECUs by Elektrobit

The ADASIS consortium is developing concepts for providing vehicles with only the relevant data from the vast amount of available map material. With version 3 (ADASISv3) of their specification, which is tailored to the special requirements of autonomous driving, highly accurate vehicle positions and detailed path profiles can now be transmitted as electronic horizon to the vehicle via broadband Ethernet. The enhanced map management of the Horizon Provider enables providing individual map sections and supports optimized data management, including automatically deleting obsolete data.

To help users develop map-based driver assistance systems in fast iteration cycles and directly experience the effects in a vehicle, dSPACE offers the ADASIS v3 Horizon Reconstructor (HR) Blockset for the PC-based simulation platform VEOS and rapid control prototyping systems. This blockset provides access from within a Simulink model to electronic horizon data that is transmitted via the ADASIS v3 Protocol. Only a few mouse clicks are necessary to select the predictive road data, connect it to the actual driver assistance function in the model, and implement the application on the development system.   

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