Testing Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) Functions According to Euro NCAP

  • Tool chain for testing controller software for AEB systems in a PC-based simulation with VEOS
  • Automotive Simulation Models (ASM) for simulating environment sensors, vehicle dynamics, and traffic
  • Ready-to-use and fully automated test scenarios based on the Euro NCAP test protocols AEB City, Inter-Urban and Vulnerable Road User (VRU)
  • Realistic 3-D scenario visualization in MotionDesk

The European New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP) uses a five-star system to assess the safety of new vehicle models from different manufacturers, giving consumers the opportunity to compare objectively. In addition to classic passive safety systems such as airbags or belt tensioners, the effectiveness of what are known as active safety systems, for example, of autonomous emergency braking (AEB), has also been investigated in extensive scenario-based tests for some years now. To meet this challenge as early as possible, many vehicle manufacturers relied on tests accompanying the development process. dSPACE offers a coordinated tool chain for virtual validation of AEB according to Euro NCAP. The test suite is based on ASM with a vehicle dynamics model and an AEB Soft-ECU as well as a corresponding environment model. It includes test scenario descriptions in ModelDesk and fully automated test execution, evaluation, and report generation in AutomationDesk. In MotionDesk, the scenarios can be visualized realistically and in real time.  

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