Closed-Loop HIL Testing of V2X-Based Applications

  • Real-time simulator with Automotive Simulation Models (ASM) for simulating the vehicle and traffic environment
  • dSPACE V2X Blockset connected to a V2X hardware adapter to provide messages of surrounding vehicles and infrastructure via radio channels according to wireless ad hoc network standards in Europe and the USA
  • dSPACE GNSS Simulator Interface blockset connected to a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) signal generator to provide vehicle positions as radio frequency signals
  • ControlDesk for controlling the simulation, analyzing V2X data, and manipulating test parameters

The simulation environment is suitable for testing typical V2X applications that are suggested by the Car2Car Communication Consortium for the introduction phase of V2X (day 1), for example. Typical applications are intersection collision warning, emergency vehicle warning, dangerous situation warning, or adverse weather warning. In addition, the test bench addresses the communication with roadside units (RSU, e.g., smart traffic lights and road works) and the relevant applications, such as construction sites warning and green light optimized speed advisory (GLOSA) by supporting the corresponding application protocols. To test the communication with multiple vehicles or RSUs and to take the WLAN channel behavior into consideration, additional V2X radio adapters as well as a radio channel emulator can be added.  

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