Data Replay

Validating ADAS/AD components using recorded real-world data

Validation of sensor, sensor fusion, and perception components is a challenging task. Due to their complexity and criticality in the ADAS/AD field, higher requirements are imposed on their safety and accuracy. To master this task, recorded real-world data is used as an essential part of their homologation and release strategy. Contrary to synthetic simulation data, the level of realism and fidelity in recorded real-world data cannot be exceeded. dSPACE offers multiple solutions for the validation and testing of ADAS/AD perception and sensor fusion components with means of replaying recorded data or as referred to as data reprocessing, data resimulation, and data playback.


Achieving high precision and realism is a demanding task. The system under test (SUT) must be fed with the recorded data exactly as it would be during a real test drive. Heterogeneous data streams, including sensor and network/bus data, must be synchronized during the data replay process although their package/message size might differ. Moreover, the sheer amount of streamed data is steadily increasing. Complex real-time adaptation of the recorded data to pass the end-to-end encryption and security checks in the SUT is also challenging. In addition, efficiently scaling the test to feed millions of driven kilometers continuously and to orchestrate multiple test systems is crucial.

dSPACE Data Replay Solutions

dSPACE offers dedicated solutions for each data replay use case, whether the SUT is physically available (HIL) or still in the early software development phase (SIL), and whether it is a simple sensor component or a complex central computation platform for autonomous driving.

All dSPACE data replay solutions ensure synchronous sensor and bus data ingestion under minimal jitter. Moreover, through the modular approach, system upgrade to fit new bandwidth requirements is an easy task. Seamless transition and interoperability between pure software environment (SIL) and physical SUT (HIL), and between closed-loop and data replay tests is also ensured. This interoperability simplifies ramping up the SUT with closed-loop synthetic data to the initial state of the recorded data, where the data replay process starts.

dSPACE data replay solutions support a wide range of standard and customer specific bus and sensor interfaces. Moreover, using the dSPACE real-time systems ensures real time adaptation of the recorded data with security and time information, and live monitoring and manipulation of the replayed data.

Use Cases

The following use cases show some typical data replay tasks and the suitable dSPACE solutions for each of them:

Sensor components

Use recorded real-world data to validate the behavior of camera, lidar, and radar sensors in a hardware (HIL) environment 

ADAS/AD platforms (ECUs)

Test perception and sensor fusion functions on ADAS/AD computing platforms with recorded real-world data in a hardware (HIL) environment

Virtual ECUs and software components

Test perception and sensor fusion functions in a full software environment (SIL) prior to target deployment

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