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Data-Driven Software Development for Autonomous Vehicles

The following configuration examples show some typical scenarios for the data-driven software development for autonomous vehicles.

Data Logging

Fast, time-correlated logging of relevant data during real test drives with a variety of environmental sensors, such as a camera, radar, or lidar, and vehicle buses.

Image Anonymization

Accelerate AD development by fully automated AI-powered image anonymization

Data Annotation

On fast track to accurate ground truth data by deep learning assisted 2-D/3-D sensor data annotation

Scenario Generation

Generating realistic scenarios based on real-world camera data for large scale simulation

Data Replay

High-performance, synchronous replay of sensor raw data and vehicle bus data.

Testing Multisensor Systems

Closed-loop HIL testing of multisensor systems

Testing Functions for Highly Automated Driving on PC Clusters and in the Cloud

Highly scalable simulation and scenario-based testing methodology to ensure adequate test coverage