Rapid Control Prototyping

Rapid control prototyping is a very efficient method to develop, optimize, and test new control strategies in a real environment quickly without manual programming. For building your own tailored RCP system, dSPACE offers a wide range of software and hardware components, for in-vehicle, laboratory or test bench usage.

The dSPACE Bus Manager, the central configuration software for bus simulation, makes it easy for you to choose the signals required for testing your developed ECU functions. The tool automatically generates the related model interfaces and it updates the interfaces directly in the model when you add or remove certain signals to change the test scenario. Integrating models designed with MATLAB®/Simulink into your test setup is easy. And thanks to the software’s intuitive user interface, the configuration of the related interface hardware is simple.

Together with the dSPACE experiment software ControlDesk, you thus have a seamless tool chain at hand for testing the network communication of planned ECUs. Whenever the bus communication between the ECUs does not work correctly, the tools help you find and correct the faults immediately. 

Supported Bus and Network Protocols

For ECU testing, the dSPACE products support the following communication protocols:

  • CAN
  • CAN FD (ISO and non-ISO)
  • LIN
  • Ethernet
  • FlexRay

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