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Cooperation with EB Automotive

Complete solution for control unit development according to AUTOSAR

dSPACE GmbH, Paderborn, and Elektrobit (EB) Automotive GmbH, Erlangen, are cooperating in the area of producing AUTOSAR-compatible control unit software. In the AUTOSAR software architecture, Elektrobit’s EB tresos® covers the creation and configuration of the basic software, and dSPACE’s SystemDesk the application layer and the system design. The closely coupled tools give customers a thoroughly and interactively tested tool chain for all AUTOSAR development steps, and far-reaching added value. The interplay between the two tools is based on standard AUTOSAR file formats.

SystemDesk from dSPACE
SystemDesk is a tool for developing software for both single and networked electronic control unit (ECU) networks. Its purpose is to support the planning, implementation, and integration of complex system architectures. It also simplifies process-oriented development in teams for both manufacturers and suppliers. Interaction with dSPACE‘s AUTOSAR-compliant production code generator, TargetLink, also improves integration with functional development.

EB tresos®
EB tresos® from Elektrobit is an integrally designed development and configuration platform for embedded standard software. In the EB tresos® Studio, the requirements for the basic software can be configured graphically, and AUTOSAR formats can be read in. The tool then automatically makes the required operating system core and other AUTOSAR-compliant formats available. EB tresos® flexible plug-in design allows users to integrate their own tools and software modules, while ensuring that the individual components interact consistently.

Interaction Between the Two Tools
The heart of the tool coupling is a complete, consistent description of an individual electronic control unit that always complies with the AUTOSAR standard. This description includes information about the application software modules and the configuration of the basic software.
The ECU description is synchronized both in SystemDesk’s overall system and software architecture model, and in EB tresos® basic software configuration. This provides a view of each ECU, including the corresponding application software module, as well as information such as the mapping of software modules onto tasks and connections to I/O and system services. EB tresos® supports the configuration and generation of the entire AUTOSAR basic software, such as operating system, communications stack and I/O. The dependencies between application modules and basic software, and dependencies within the basic software, can also be managed in EB tresos®.