Are you currently building the power grid of tomorrow or working on next-generation storage systems? And are you still looking for the right solution for development and testing? One that perfectly matches your individual requirements? Our industry-proven solutions support you throughout all development phases.

dSPACE Solutions for the Energy Industry

Our comprehensive solution portfolio is perfectly suited for a wide range of energy applications, including renewable energy sourcing, power grids, stationary battery or fuel cell systems, and associated technologies. We offer powerful solutions for all development stages, including software-in-the-loop (SIL) testing, rapid prototyping, production software development, hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing, and power HIL testing. This enables us to support our customers from the first controller idea to the final acceptance tests.

Renewable Energy Sourcing

Renewable Energy Sourcing

Environmentally friendly energy concepts rely on energy generation from renewable, almost unlimited sources such as wind, water, sun, biomass, or geothermal energy. During the shift to renewable sources, energy supply must be guaranteed at all times. This requires a wide range of technical solutions.

dSPACE offers comprehensive tools that help maximize the efficiency of these energy sources.

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Power Grids

Power Grids

With the transition to renewable energy sourcing, new requirements are being imposed on our power grids: They must be highly flexible and require intelligent subsystems for energy distribution and storage. As a result, smart grids are becoming increasingly important.

dSPACE offers a comprehensive portfolio for developing and testing grid-related technologies, including any kind of grid-connected inverter, vehicle-to-grid (V2G) systems, wind, solar, and battery control systems (primary control), microgrid management systems (secondary control), and tertiary control systems interfacing the main power grid.

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Energy Storage Systems

Energy Storage Systems

Stationary energy storage systems are a key factor for a successful transition to environmentally friendly energy concepts as they allow us to use the fluctuating output of renewable energy sources as efficiently as possible. The most promising storage solution in the power supply sector are stationary battery storage systems. However, fuel cells are also becoming increasingly important.

You can rely on our full support when developing and testing state-of-the-art battery and fuel cell technologies.

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Power Electronics

Power Electronics

Electric power generation, transport, and distribution involve many different sources and loads working together to get the electric energy from the power plants to the final consumers. On this journey, power electronics components are essential key technologies for an efficient conversion at the different interfaces.

We provide you with comprehensive solutions for the development and validation of all power electronics components used in the energy industry, such as AC/DC, DC/AC, and AC/AC stages used in wind and solar converters as well as in solid-state transformers and high-power chargers.

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Consulting & Engineering Services

Development support from start to finish

Development support from start to finish

Developing complex E/E systems and software with ever more safety-critical functions, especially in the area of autonomous systems, raises the question of guaranteeing function reliability. That's why dSPACE offers end-to-end expertise in functional safety, test strategy development as well as verification and validation in complex E/E processes - to support you from the earliest project stages to homologation.

dSPACE systems are easy to get up and running – however, if a project is more complex, if individual solutions are needed or if there is high time pressure, you can also trust dSPACE's fast, competent and reliable engineering services.

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