Every time a complete vehicle or a component such as a sensor is mass-produced, a final inspection is carried out to confirm safety. How can this level of safety be guaranteed for the future of the vehicle, its functions, and sensors?

Ensure Safety of Automated Driving Systems

Ensure Safety of Automated Driving Systems

Empowering safe autonomous driving (ADAS/AD) by continuously verifying that vehicles adhere to safety specifications based on standards and laws. Some of these are already mandated by UNECE regulations such as No. 152 for advanced emergency braking systems (AEBS) and No. 157 for automated lane keeping systems (ALKS).

Safety Risks

Periodic technical inspections (PTI) are a necessity, since electronic parts such as sensors can become misaligned due to vibrations or small bumps, for example. The same risk applies after repair in a garage, accordingly the same inspection is required there. This can have serious effects on safety-critical functions of the vehicle.

Solutions for After Market & PTI
Regular checks ensure safety.

Solutions for After Market & PTI

dSPACE and its partner network offer know-how, services, and solutions, to successfully master periodic safety checks. They cover:

  • Test benches for whole vehicles
  • Test solutions for individual sensors installed in the vehicle (camera, radar, ultrasound)

They perform over-the-air. This means, you can test a vehicle or a sensor with charmingly simple setups.


More details about PTI

Solution Examples for After Market & Periodic Technical Inspections

These examples show what you can expect. We look forward to hearing your requirements.


Vehicle-in-the-loop testing of safety-critical ADAS functions

Test the entire vehicle, including sensors and actuators, on a single test bench to efficiently ensure ADAS and AD safety. This joint solution from dSPACE and DÜRR is a faszinating approach in vehicle-in-the-loop testing. See for yourself.

Perform end-of-line (EOL) tests and periodic technical inspections (PTI) on the test stand to efficiently ensure ADAS and AD safety. A joint solution from dSPACE and DÜRR for state-of-the-art vehicle-in-the-loop testing.

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