Do you want to test inverters, including the controller and power electronics, extensively at full power? But real components are not yet available, and conventional test benches simply don’t offer enough flexibility to test the controller robustness? This is where our power HIL systems come into play: Tailor-made for hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation at the power level, they combine the flexibility of established HIL systems with the full power found on dynamometers or in real-world prototypes.

Thanks to our established current-based emulation, our power HIL systems can be used flexibly for virtually any kind of component, e.g., motors, batteries, photovoltaic panels, or power grids.

Flexibility continues at the voltage and power level: The systems are perfectly suited both for small drives with low voltages, e.g., for steering or brake actuators, and for full-power drives, e.g., for propulsion applications in vehicles, ships, aircrafts, trains, or wind turbines.

Our Solution Highlights

  • Turn-key power HIL systems as well as modular hardware for different applications and specialized topologies
  • Testing electric motor controllers, including power electronics with emulated motors and real currents
  • Easy configuration of different motor types using plant models, eliminating the need for hardware changes
  • Early testing by frontloading the tests to an early development phase, e.g., inverter tests without real components
  • Easy adjusting of system power to individual test requirements, e.g., by adding more emulation cabinets to existing test systems, thanks to the modular approach and the generic power cabinet design
  • Easy installation thanks to the lighter weight, smaller dimensions, and fewer grid requirements compared to mechanical test benches
  • Reduced risk for the user and the equipment thanks to virtualization (no moving parts)

With our power HIL (PHIL) test systems, we offer ready-to-use solutions for testing inverters, including the controller and power electronics, at full power. Using real voltages and currents, our systems enable you to complete exceptionally rigorous tests of the power electronics.

Our test systems behave like a digital twin of the real system – with one decisive advantage: They can be configured with just a few clicks, which significantly reduces setup times. For this purpose, dSPACE offers various open Simulink®/Xilinx® models for processor-based and FPGA-based simulation. The XSG Electric Components Library from dSPACE includes motor and encoder models for FPGA-based simulation. A battery model is included in the dSPACE Automotive Simulation Models (ASM) tool suite. Using the dSPACE Electrical Power Systems Simulation (EPSS) Package, you can also integrate complex grid models. Finally, combining these models even allows for the simulation of complete electric powertrains or complex grid applications.

Video: Power HIL Testing of Traction Inverters for Electric Vehicles

Watch this video and learn how to test high-voltage traction inverters for electric vehicles with dSPACE expertise. Discover the striking advantages of our simulation-based approach compared to testing in a real vehicle.

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dSPACE Engineering

The different low-voltage and high-voltage electronic load modules we offer for power HIL testing are used in customer-specific projects. The test systems are standardized to a large extent, and our in-house development of hardware and software gives you a turn-key system from one provider.
Our dSPACE Engineering Services are always available if you need any support, during planning, putting into operation, or even when implementing automated tests. Contact us for more information.

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