Driving automation of all SAE levels requires reliable and precise operation of all components within the specified limits. The same holds true for the components of electric vehicles – which are subject to stringent safety requirements. To achieve this in complex production processes, automated function testing, calibration, and adjustment are indispensable. For sensors, control units, and e-motors to name just a few.

The Benefits of Proper EOL Testing

dSPACE’s Role in EOL Testing

dSPACE’s Role in EOL Testing

dSPACE is known for its state-of-the-art test and validation solutions that ensure product quality and thus vehicle safety along the whole automotive value chain. They successfully drive efficient pre-series and series development. Together with our partner network, these industry-proven solutions bring their high precision and automation capabilities into play in EOL testing to accelerate processes and ensure safety.

Solutions for EOL Testing

EOL test solutions for automotive parts such as sensors, electric components, or whole vehicles:

EOL Testing in E-Mobility

Our experience and high-end equipment is also beneficial for several EOL applications in the field of electromobility. As an example, today’s EOL tests for inverters are typically carried out with constant supply and passive loads. Especially with regard to highly non-linear drives used in current vehicle programs, this approach is often not sufficient to achieve the necessary operating points. dSPACE’s very powerful and compact Power HIL systems can replace the passive loads and accurately emulate the behavior of the real motor in every detail.

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