The development of ADAS and autonomous vehicle systems requires a huge number of objects and attributes from data recordings to be labeled for subsequent use in the development process. Only a very high level of automation makes these annotation projects feasible within an affordable budget and timeframe. Moreover, the anonymization of faces and license plates within recorded data has become a global requirement. dSPACE, with its group company, offers the right solutions to let you meet these tough requirements.

Our Solution Highlights

  • AI-powered data annotation with the highest automation rate in autonomous driving
  • Ideal solution for labeling high data volumes in large scale annotation projects
  • AI-powered anonymization tool with high-throughput image anonymization for autonomous driving

Our solutions include the UAI Annotator, a powerful annotation tooling covering the broad diversity of all regular sensor data formats and annotation types. The UAI Annotator and our annotation services will enable you to perform billions of annotations in a short time, even in large projects while ensuring high quality for ground truth annotations. This resulting data is the “fuel” for your data pipeline in ADAS/AD development. We also offer an AI-powered anonymization tool, the UAI Anonymizer. In compliance with European GDPR, Californian CCPA, Chinese CSL, and Japanese APPI; anonymize more than 99 % of all identifiable faces and license plates quickly and cost-efficiently. Questions? Our experts will be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

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