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TargetLink 3.1

Compatibility with non-dSPACESoftware

TargetLink is compatible with the following non-dSPACE software.

Software and Version

Requirements for TargetLink

Windows XP (32-bit version with Service Pack 3)
Windows Vista (32-bit version)
Windows Vista (64-bit version)
Windows 7 (32-bit version)
Windows 7 (64-bit version)

Basic requirement for TargetLink

MATLAB 2009b (Simulink 7.4 Stateflow 7.4)
MATLAB 2009a (Simulink 7.3 Stateflow 7.3)
MATLAB 2008b (Simulink 7.2 Stateflow 7.2)
MATLAB 2008a+ (Simulink 7.1.1 Stateflow 7.1.1)
MATLAB 2007b+ (Simulink 7.0.1 Stateflow 7.0.1)

Basic requirement for TargetLink

Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 5.5 or higher (Internet Explorer 6.0 is supplied on the CD)

Required to access the automatically generated documentation and for online documentation.

Microsoft Visual C/C++ Ver. 6.0, 7.1, or Ver. 8.0
LCC compiler as shipped with the supported MATLAB versions

Required when using host simulation


Compatibility with Target Compilers and Evaluation Boards

For detailed information about supported target compilers and evaluation boards refer to the document to be downloaded below.
This is an excerpt from the New Features and Migration Guide for Release 6.5 which was the first Release containing TargetLink 3.1.

Compatibility with Real-Time Operating Systems

As an option, TargetLink generates code that runs with OSEK/VDX real-time operating systems, which are compliant with the following binding specification.

OSEK Binding Specification OSEK OS, COM and OIL Versions
SB 3 OSEK OS 2.1r1, OSEK COM 2.2.2, OSEK OIL 2.2
SB 4 OSEK OS 2.2, OSEK COM 2.2.2, OSEK OIL 2.3


TargetLink supports vendor specific properties of the following OSEK/VDX real-time operating systems.

  • 3Soft ProOSEK
  • LiveDevices RTA
  • Metrowerks OSEKturbo
  • Vector Informatik osCAN
  • WindRiver OSEKWorks

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