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Information about Release 2017-B

dSPACE Release 2017-B is delivered on two separate DVDs containing the following product versions.

  • It is recommended to copy (merge) these DVDs to a common directory before the installation. 
  • A ZIP file with the merged files is also available for download.

Since February 16, 2018, Release 2017-B is available as Release 2017-B SP1 containing updated SCALEXIO Firmware Archives.


Available setups and products
  • ASM 9.0
  • AutomationDesk 5.5
  • ControlDesk 6.2
  • ConfigurationDesk 6.0
  • dSPACE FlexRay Configuration Package 4.0
  • Model Compare 2.8
  • ModelDesk 4.5
  • MotionDesk 4.1
  • Platform API Package 2.4
  • Real-Time Testing 3.3
  • RTI and RTI Blocksets
  • SYNECT 2.4
  • SystemDesk 5.0
  • TargetLink 4.3
  • VEOS 4.1


Verwandte Themen
Date 2018-01-09
Software-Typ Automotive Simulation Models, Software für Seriencode-Generierung, Implementierungssoftware, Experimentier- und Visualisierungssoftware, Testautomatisierungssoftware, Datenmanagement-Software, Systemarchitektur-Software, Busschnittstellen-Software, Steuergeräteschnittstellen-Software, Simulationssoftware
Produkt ASM (Automotive Simulation Models), AutomationDesk, ConfigurationDesk, ControlDesk, dSPACE FlexRay Configuration Package, Model Compare, ModelDesk, MotionDesk, Platform API Package, RCP- und HIL-Software, RTI (Real-Time Interface), Real-Time Testing, SYNECT, SystemDesk, TargetLink, VEOS
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dSPACE Release 2017-B