RTMaps Advanced

When using RTMaps, you can graphically design and execute your algorithms for sensor data processing (perception), sensor fusion, and applications on a PC or embedded device. In addition, RTMaps lets you precisely time-stamp and record sensor and bus data.  In this training course you will learn how to integrate C++, Python, and Simulink code in RTMaps and how to configure recorders for data logging. In addition, integration options in the dSPACE tool chain will be presented, for example how to use RTMaps in combination with dSPACE MicroAutoBox. Finally, you will learn how to develop and run applications on embedded platforms.

  • Engineers working on the prototyping of multisensor applications, such as sensor data preprocessing, data fusion, and data logging for autonomous driving 

  • Integrate your own algorithms using Python, C++, or Simulink®
  • Learn advanced features
  • Use embedded devices with RTMaps

  • RTMaps

  • Integrate your own code with the RTMaps Software Development Kit
    • Python
    • C++
  • Integrate Simulink
    • Using Simulink Coder
    • Using TargetLink
  • Use RTMaps on embedded X86 and ARM platforms
  • Data logging with RTMaps

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