ASM Engine (course content on request)

This course is a continuation of the ASM Powertrain training to address your specific questions regarding the modeling of internal combustion engines with ASM. During this training, you can review the contents of the ASM Powertrain training or get to know the modeling approaches of the ASM engine models, ASM Engine InCylinder models, and ASM Optimizer. The ASM Engine InCylinder models simulate the internal cylinder processes of the engine. These include the influence of the variable valve control and injection shaping on combustion. Some parameters of the in-cylinder process are difficult to obtain but are required for the ASM InCylinder models. You can get these parameters by performing optimizations with the ASM Optimizer.  

  • Engineers in charge of HIL testing for ECUs in engine applications

  • Engineers who validate controller algorithm designs using simulation

  • Requirement: Completion of ASM Powertrain training 

  • Gain a deeper understanding ASM engine simulation packages 

  • ASM engine simulation packages
  • ModelDesk
  • ControlDesk
  • VEOS
  • MATLAB/Simulink

  • In this course, you will define the course contents yourself. So, bring your specific questions and ideas, for example:

  • Contents of the ASM Powertrain training

  • Introduction to ASM InCylinder and ASM Optimizer

  • Modeling approaches 

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On request
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