AURELION: Sensor-Realistic Simulation

AURELION is the latest dSPACE solution for sensor-realistic simulation. It combines top-grade visualization with high-precision, realistic sensor models for camera, radar, and lidar. 

Customer requirements in terms of simulation have increased substantially. ADAS/AD functions must be validated throughout various stages of the development process.  AURELION can be used in hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing, software-in-the-loop (SIL) testing, and even for parallel validation in the cloud.

AURELION is based on a 3-D rendering engine that allows for high-resolution visualization, including realistic lighting and weather effects. Together with high-quality 3-D assets and specific material information, realistic sensor data can be calculated in real time or even faster.

The training covers the complete sensor simulation tool chain. You will learn how to set up an AURELION system, how to configure the different sensor types and how to connect to a system under test.  

  • Engineers working on SIL and/or HIL testing of ECUs for driver assistance systems
  • Engineers working on the virtual simulation and parameterization of sensors
  • Engineers who test designs of driving functions by means of online simulation during development
  • Recommended: Previous experience with ASM Traffic and ModelDesk

  • Introduction to sensor simulation for validating ADAS/AD-functions
  • Introduction to ASM Traffic and usage for online simulation with dSPACE processing hardware or VEOS
  • Concepts of the physics-based sensor models for camera, radar, and lidar
  • Working with the AURELION Manager
    • Creating and configuring sensors
    • Managing applications in the system and specifying communication interfaces
    • Synchronizing multiple AURELION instances
  • Sensor simulation with AURELION
  • Consideration of material properties through our material management database
  • Connecting a system under test via the Environment Sensor Interface
  • Transferring commands to the ASM simulation models in a closed-loop test environment

  • AURELION Platform
  • AURELION Camera
  • AURELION Lidar
  • AURELION Radar
  • ModelDesk
  • VEOS
  • RTMaps
  • ASM

At the end of this course, participants will be able to

  • Get an overview of the complete sensor simulation tool chain and understand how to handle it
  • Understand the different model concepts
  • Use the ASM Traffic model for simulation on a dSPACE platform
  • Use the AURELION Manager to manage the AURELION system
  • Use AURELION for sensor simulation
  • Transfer the simulation data to a system under test via the Environment Sensor Interface
  • Close the loop to interact with the ASM Model

DatesLocation and time Fee per person
November 17, 2022 Paderborn (Deutschland), 9:00 bis 17:15 Uhr € 850 (plus tax)

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