Current Topics

  • TargetLink AUTOSAR Utilities 3.2.5 for TargetLink 5.2

    TargetLink AUTOSAR Utilities are an add-on to the TargetLink AUTOSAR support to simplify certain steps in the development process.
  • On the Safe Side with TargetLink Modeling Guidelines

    Revised modeling guidelines for development with the dSPACE production code generator TargetLink 5.2.
  • Tutorial Video: TargetLink Signal Injection & Tunneling

    Have you already seen our new videos demonstrating TargetLink's Signal Injection and Tunneling feature?
  • TargetLink Advanced: 27. Juli 2022 (Paderborn)

    More features to customize and validate the code generation
  • TargetLink AUTOSAR Support: 28. Juli 2022 (Paderborn)

    Generation of AUTOSAR-compliant code
  • TargetLink Basic: 26. Juli 2022 (Paderborn)

    The workflow from a Simulink® model to code generation with TargetLink

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