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End-of-life announcement DCI-CAN1

The end of life of the DCI-CAN1 is planned for December 2020. We advise against using the DCI-CAN1 in new projects. You can still buy the product until December 2017. New releases of dSPACE software are guaranteed to continue supporting the DCI-CAN1 until at least the end of 2019. As of this date, no services of any kind will be available for this product. 

End-of-Life Information

Availability of services according to the dSPACE Product Lifecycle Models.

Services Until / Date
End of life announced December 2015
Product can be purchased December 2017
New revisions provided December 2017
Repair service provided December 2019
Software support provided December 2019
Bug-fixes for supporting software December 2019
Customer support services provided December 2020


For new projects we recommend that you use the successor, dSPACE DCI-CAN2.

DCI-CAN2 is supported by dSPACE Releases since 2015-B.

The DCI-CAN2 is more than just a suitable replacement. With the DCI-CAN2 you can access the data stream not only on CAN networks, but also on CAN FD networks. The interface transfers messages between the CAN/CAN FD network and the host PC via the universal serial bus (USB). Compared with the classic CAN protocol, CAN FD (FD = Flexible Data Rate) comes with increased data rates and payload data length. With CAN FD, a multiplied data rate allows an average data transmission speed of several Mbit/s and payload lengths of up to 64 bytes (compared to 8 bytes in a classic CAN).

If you have any questions or need further information, your contact in the dSPACE sales team will be glad to help. You can also request information by e-mail to

Migration Information

Dedicated migration information would be published here.


Date 2017-02-02
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Produkt DCI-CAN1
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