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Release 7.4 Implementation-Software Service Pack 3


This Service Pack can be installed only on top of an existing RCP and HIL Release 7.4 Installation Set.

These patches are contained in the Service Pack: 

  • ConfigurationDesk Implementation 4.3p3
    • Implementation Version for SCALEXIO  
    • Fixes a serious problem with the Undo function. See ReadMe.
  • ConfigurationDesk 4.3p1
    • Configuration Version for RapidPro
  • DS1006 Compiler 2.2p1
  • Microtec PowerPC C/C++ Compiler Version 3.7.7
  • DSRTSU 1.8p1
  • RTI 6.9.1p1
  • RTIBYPASS 2.9.1p1
  • FlexRay Configuration Tool 3.0p2
  • RTI CAN MultiMessage Blockset 2.7p2
  • RTI Ethernet (UDP) Blockset 1.2p1
  • RTI FPGA Programming Blockset 2.4.1
  • RTLib1005 2.11p2
  • RTLib1006 2.7p2
  • RapidPro Firmware 2.2p1

For a detailed list of the solved problems and improvements refer to the ReadMe file below. 


Since ConfigurationDesk 4.3p2 for SCALEXIO

Applications built with ConfigurationDesk 4.3 will change their behaviour on DS2621 high-side and low-side switched digital-out channels.
The user has to check if the high-side and low-side switch function blocks are configured correctly.

Installation Notes & Download

Additional Firmware Updates Required

After the installation of the Service Pack, these firmwares must be updated manually:

  • SCALEXIO with ConfigurationDesk
  • RapidPro with RapidProUpdate.exe

Date 2013-11-19
Software-Typ Implementierungssoftware
Produkt ConfigurationDesk, Real-Time Interface (RTI)
Informationstyp Patches
Informationskategorie Problembehandlung
dSPACE Release Bis 2013-A