Download our new product dSPACE AUTOSAR Compare.

How to Get the Release Up and Running

To compare and merge AUTOSAR files with our new product, you have to activate your evaluation license first. Follow the step-by-step instructions below.

Step 1: Download the Application

Download and extract the files of dSPACE AUTOSAR Compare: Download

Step 2: Activate Your License

Request a license for dSPACE AUTOSAR Compare

For license activation, you need the dSPACE Installation Manager, which will automatically be installed with dSPACE AUTOSAR Compare.

The following tutorial video helps you activate dongle-based licenses: Activating Licenses and Decrypting Software Archives

Step 3: Start the Application

Run the application by clicking the dSPACE AUTOSAR Compare icon on your desktop.

Date 2020-12-08
Software-Typ Systemarchitektur-Software
Themenschwerpunkt AUTOSAR
Produkt dSPACE AUTOSAR Compare
Informationstyp Product Downloads
Informationskategorie Installation und Lizenzierung
dSPACE Release 2020-B

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