IP Protection for Model Containers


This application note is intended for the following use case:

You (e.g., a supplier to an OEM) are the owner of a piece of intellectual property (IP) represented by a model's code (code either generated from a model or hand coded or a combination of both) and intend to pass on this model code to a second party (e.g., an OEM).

You see yourself confronted with questions like:

  • How can or should I protect my IP?
  • And, how do dSPACE software tools help protect the IP in my toolchain?

  • IP Protection for Model Containers
    PDF, 564.5 KB
Date 2021-05-17
Software-Typ Implementierungssoftware, Systemarchitektur-Software, Simulationssoftware
Themenschwerpunkt Functional Mock-up Interfaces (FMI), Virtuelle Steuergeräte (V-ECU)
Produkt ConfigurationDesk, Model Interface Package for Simulink, SystemDesk, VEOS
Informationstyp Application Notes
Informationskategorie Arbeiten mit
dSPACE Release 2021-A
Keywords IP Protection, Protective Measures, Code Obfuscation, Compile Model Code, Protected Model, Simulink Implementation Container (SIC)

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