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FAQ - TargetLink®

243 Simulating TargetLink Code on a dSPACE Platform with RTI
700 How to process status outputs of TargetLink API commands
705 Product Block: Only Two Inputs for Fixed-Point Signals
707 Variables initialized by another (calibrateable) variable or a formula
712 How to automatically exclude warning messages
715 Name ambiguity error for global variables
718 Evaluation board does not respond during mixed FLEXlm/dongle use
722 Mixed FLEXlm/dongle use
724 Debugging Production Code
725 Running TargetLink code on dSPACE prototyping hardware
726 Usage of standard C void type
727 Instance-Specific Parameters in Reused Functions
728 How to Intervene in the A2L File Export
729 Supplying a SystemTime Variable
730 How to decrease memory consumption
731 How to use single precision in mathematical functions
732 How to optimize control flow
733 Meaning of Min/Max values
735 How to avoid message dialogs appearing in automated processes
736 How to access bus port components and Custom Code block interface variables with TargetLink API
737 How to model a global pointer to a global structure
738 How to use MSVC Express Edition with TargetLink
739 How to specify address qualifiers (like '__far')
740 Meaning of AUTOSAR export error message '[8815] The AUTOSAR identifier is too long.
742 How to get multiple scalar entries for one vector variable in A2L file
745 Reason for simulation differences between TargetLink MIL and Simulink
756 How to model a Restart Runnable
758 Making TargetLink Subsystem Contents Visible in the Simulink Model Browser
759 How to get Type Postfixes instead of Type Prefixes
762 How to model arrays of Structs

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