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Replace Platform or Device via Automation Script

Some use cases require an exchange of a platform or device in a ControlDesk experiment by a platform or device of a different type. E.g., you may want to replace a VEOS platform by a SCALEXIO platform when you have migrated your model from the Virtual Validation use case to SCALEXIO.

To do so in ControlDesk, you need to delete the original platform (e.g. VEOS) from your experiment. Then, you add a new platform of the desired type (e.g. SCALEXIO). If the platform name and the model structure stay identical, you can reuse your layouts in ControlDesk. Unfortunately, information such as platform trigger settings gets lost.

To simplify these steps and restore information from the original platform/device to the new one, you can use ControlDesk’s tool automation. This utility adds a new entry „Replace Platform/Device…“ to the context menu of the Experiment node in ControlDesk‘s project control bar. It helps you perform the steps named above and restores information such as platform trigger settings. To install this utility copy all associated files into an arbitrary folder, then run the Python script. If you have ControlDesk 5.4 or earlier, you must install this script manually.

For further information please refer to the script’s header section.

Date 2018-05-29
Software-Typ Experimentier- und Visualisierungssoftware, Busschnittstellen-Software, Steuergeräteschnittstellen-Software
Produkt ControlDesk
Informationstyp Utilities
Informationskategorie Arbeiten mit, Funktionserweiterung
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