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Internal Behavior Viewer

This SystemDesk utility graphically displays an AUTOSAR internal behavior that was specified in SystemDesk. Thus, the Internal Behavior Viewer is a display form for the internal behavior of an atomic software component. Its purpose is to give a clear view of internal behavior elements that were already specified elsewhere, and it cannot be used to edit the elements it displays.

SystemDesk Version Download Revision Date Revision
4.2 2014-12-12 1.5
4.1 2014-03-25 1.4
4.0   2013-02-18 1.3 
3.2   2013-01-07  1.2 
3.1 2011-08-31 1.1
3.0 2011-04-07 1.0

Date 2014-12-12
Software-Typ Systemarchitektur-Software
Produkt SystemDesk
Informationstyp Utilities
Informationskategorie Arbeiten mit, Funktionserweiterung
dSPACE Release 2014-A, 2013-B, 2013-A, Bis 2013-A