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DS4003 Digital I/O Board

Hohe Anzahl digitaler I/O-Kanäle

Das DS4003 Digital I/O Board bietet eine Vielzahl digitaler I/O-Kanäle für verschiedenste Anwendungen in den Bereichen Rapid Control Prototyping und Hardware-in-the-Loop.

Arbeiten mit digitalen I/O-Kanälen

Bei Rapid Control Prototyping und Hardware-in-the-Loop-Simulation müssen viele digitale Signale verwaltet und damit die digitalen I/O-Leitungen gesteuert werden. Das DS4003 Digital I/O Board bietet 96 digitale I/O-Leitungen, gruppiert in drei I/O-Ports à 32 Bit, jeweils mit Handshake- und Strobe-Signalen.

Parameter Specification
  • Release output for external release logic
  • I/O error monitor output and I/O error request input for error monitoring of external devices
  • Two customization module connectors (pin headers) supporting digital I/O lines and power supply of two ports
Interrupt controller Interrupt sources
  • Three user interrupts, one per port
  • Three strobe interrupts, one per port
  • One interrupt on I/O error
  Voltage range
  • TTL input level
Digital I/O Lines provided by each port
  • 32 I/O lines programmable in 8-bit groups, usable as non-strobed input, strobed input or output
  • One strobe input
  • Two handshake lines for acknowledge and output ready
Voltage range
  • TTL input level
Output current
  • 15 mA out (high, 2.4 ... 5 V), 24 mA in (low, 0 ... 0.8 V)
Input current
  • 0.12 mA in (high, 2.4 ... 5 V), 0.2 mA out (low, 0 ... 0.8 V)
Physical connections
  • Three 50-pin male Sub-D connectors (three brackets required)
Host interface
  • One 8- or 16-bit ISA slot (power supply only)
Physical characteristics Physical size
  • 340 x 125 x 15 mm (13.4 x 4.9 x 0.6 in)
  • The board requires three brackets
  Ambient temperature
  • 0 ... 70 °C ( 32 ... 158 °F)
  Power supply
  • +5 V ±5%, 1.5 A (without customization modules/external loads)

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