64-Bit Real-Time Linux-Based Operating System for SCALEXIO Systems

With dSPACE Release 2022-A (May 2022), dSPACE introduces the 64-bit version of its Linux-based real-time operating system for SCALEXIO Processing Units and DS6001 Processor Board.

Extended Support for Mathematical Functions

With the new 64-bit option, you will benefit from improved computational performance, especially for mathematical functions. The ability to include cutting-edge 64-bit libraries in your projects results in better support for your autonomous driving applications.

Additionally, the extended address space provides support for memory-intensive applications.

Updating Your Application

When changing from a 32-bit to the 64-bit version, you should be able to reuse the source code in most cases. For custom code using special features, e.g., OS-specific functions, some adaptations may be required.

If your applications use binary libraries, you have to update these binaries for the new operating system version as well.

Contact dSPACE Support if needed.

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