Videos: TargetLink Signal Injection & Tunneling

During simulation, TargetLink lets you inject or tunnel signals into or from a TargetLink subsystem without a connection line. The following videos introduce you to different signal injection and tunneling modeling approaches and give you an example for an AUTOSAR use case:

  1. Basics
  2. Modeling approach: Using global data stores
  3. Modeling approach: Using data store and custom code blocks
  4. Use case: Simulating the RTE status

Date 2021-11-30
Videos Tutorial-Videos
Anwendungsbereich Entwicklung von Serienssoftware, SIL-Tests
Software-Typ Software für Seriencode-Generierung
Produkt TargetLink
Informationstyp Videos
Informationskategorie Erste Schritte, Arbeiten mit
dSPACE Release 2022-A, 2021-B

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