Learning Connection Video: Testing Automotive Radar ECUs and Software

Date: May 6, 2021

dSPACE invites you to attend a Learning Connection webinar: “Testing Automotive Radar ECUs and Software.” In this free webinar, dSPACE will share methods for validating automotive radar sensors with ultra-precision and will present the first true 5 GHz bandwidth radar target simulator for testing and imaging 4-D radars.


Precise testing is a critical requirement in the development, production, quality assurance and maintenance of radar sensors and applications. dSPACE Automotive Radar Test Systems (DARTS) enable easy-to-use and very realistic over-the-air tests. This is done by simulating radar echoes of objects in road traffic with programmable distance, speed, and size with unique signal integrity. DARTS play a decisive role in the validation of radar-based driver assistance systems and autonomous vehicles throughout the entire value chain. Powerful devices are available for use in development and testing in the laboratory, for end-of-line tests during production, for the homologation of a vehicle, and for the aftermarket. The newest addition to the DARTS product family is DARTS 9040-G -- the first target simulator in the market capable of processing up to 5 GHz radar signals. 9040-G is designed and optimized for all next-gen automotive radars (e.g., imaging radars, 4D radars). It features reference-grade simulation for R&D and end-of-line testing and easy, intuitive handling. DARTS are very compact in size and feature the smallest RF frontend in the world providing unique signal integrity.

Dr. Andreas Himmler gave a presentation on the new dSPACE DARTS product range at the dSPACE Tech Day on April 16, 2019, in Novi, Michigan, USA.


Andreas Himmler, Sr. Product Manager, Real-Time Test & Development Solutions

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