Learning Connection: How to Implement a Continuous Integration Workflow with Model-Based Development (MBD)

Date: Feb. 11, 2021


Is continuous integration (CI) part of your software development process yet? CI can make a big difference in software development efficiency. This Learning Connection webinar focuses on the implementation of a continuous integration workflow for model-based development. This presentation offers some essential tips and tricks on how to prepare your production code generator and your Simulink® / TargetLink models for a continuous integration scenario.

Dr. Sascha Ridder, Product Engineer TargetLink / dSPACE AUTOSAR Compare, dSPACE GmbH


Dr. Sascha Ridder Product Engineer Production Software & Software-in-the-Loop Simulation dSPACE GmbH

Sven Harder
Team Lead – Code Generation
Production Software & Software-in-the-Loop Simulation


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