60min · 16:00 bis 17:00

Online Workshop: Enter Simplicity: AD Simulation and Validation made easy

  • Autonomous Driving
  • Data-Driven Development




16:00 bis 17:00

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In this webinar, you will learn about SIMPHERA, dSPACE's new web-based AD simulation and validation solution. SIMPHERA leverages cloud technology for virtually unlimited scalability to improve your test coverage. SIMPHERA's architecture allows global collaboration and enables seamless testing on both software and hardware-in-the-loop platforms.


Michael Peperhowe
Michael Peperhowe

Lead Product Manager - Simulation, Models and Scenarios, dSPACE GmbH

Dominik Doerr
Dominik Doerr

Lead Product Manager – Testing and Data Management, dSPACE GmbH

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