Proven Radar Test Benches for Over-the-Air Testing and Advancement

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Aside from cameras and ultrasonic sensors, radar sensors are the most commonly used environment sensors in the automotive industry. They are used in many applications, such as adaptive cruise control (ACC) and autonomous emergency braking (AEB) and will continue to play an important role in highly automated and autonomous driving. To be able to test realistically and reproducibly in the laboratory, various factors must be taken into consideration.

On the one hand, a radar sensor must be stimulated by generated radar echoes that correspond to real radar objects, such as vehicles or pedestrians, at different distances, relative speeds, and azimuth angles. On the other hand, undesired radar reflections must be avoided by implementing adequate measures. With dSPACE industry-proven radar test benches, reliable solutions are provided for realistically testing radar-based vehicle functions using an open-loop control or a synchronized closed-loop HIL. Furthermore, the radar test benches enable verification tests of the radar sensor and its components, as well as application-specific measurement of the antenna diagram.

These test benches allow a reliable multitarget angle simulation for up to 20 radar targets in real-time.

The radar test benches support radar sensors with 24, 77, and 79 GHz of any modulation scheme. They can be adjusted to individual requirements and operated synchronously with further radar test benches or with other test systems (camera, ultrasound, etc.).

Recently, dSPACE has extended its portfolio with two new Radar Test Benches -- a basic, cost-efficient variant and by an advanced Radar Test Bench for special purposes. These new solutions will also be introduced during this webinar.


Dirk Berneck

Dirk Berneck

Senior Manager of Autonomous Driving Systems for dSPACE

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