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Real-Time Interface Bypass Blockset

ECU interfacing for rapid control prototyping and intrusive testing of existing ECU software

The dSPACE tool chain for bypassing and ECU interfacing, consisting of the RTI Bypass Blockset and the ECU Interface Manager, can be used for applications in rapid control prototyping as well as for white-box testing of existing ECU software.

Application Areas

When only some parts of an existing ECU software need to be optimized or enhanced, bypassing is a powerful and proven method for rapid control prototyping. It can be employed when no Simulink® models of the original control algorithms are available, or when there is no access to the source code of ECU software. MATLAB®/Simulink models can be used to bypass and, as a consequence, replace original ECU functions.

The dSPACE tool chain for bypassing and ECU interfacing also makes test case development considerably easier. You can use the tool chain to apply test stimuli in real time that are triggered by ECU-internal events. In addition, ECU-internal memory can be read and written in real time. ECU functions can be stimulated with specific, reproducible test data, which makes it easier to cover test cases with a complex setup. External sensors or actuators in the ECU that are difficult to stimulate or hard to access externally can be bypassed in order to directly stimulate the ECU functions under test. Thus, the test coverage of ECU software can be enhanced considerably.



As the RTI Bypass Blockset hides ECU-specific information on the bypass interface, control and test engineers can completely concentrate on function design and test case development. Based on the ECU description file (A2L file), users can flexibly select model inputs and outputs as well as triggers without modifying the ECU software.

A variety of ECU interfaces are supported, such as CCP, XCP on CAN, XCP on Ethernet, XCP on FlexRay, and dedicated ECU interfaces such as dSPACE DCI-GSIs, or DPMEM PODs. If you use the dSPACE bypassing services, dedicated mechanisms ensure data consistency and safe operation.
The RTI Bypass Blockset is part of a complete tool chain for service-based bypassing that supports different bypass methods and different platforms for model execution:
  • External bypassing on dedicated RCP systems
  • Internal bypassing directly on the target ECU
  • Virtual bypassing of virtual ECUs in a PC-based simulation or on MicroAutoBox  II without using a physical target ECU at all
The RTI Bypass Blockset supports all bypass methods and all ECU interfaces with the same intuitive look and feel. It is easy to switch between the different bypass methods and platforms, because no changes to the Simulink model are required. The blockset allows developers to reuse legacy functions, only available as C source code, in their Simulink models. Furthermore, a powerful automation API facilitates the integration of the RTI Bypass Blockset into customer-specific development tool chains.

Functionality Description
Selecting ECU functions and variables
  • Flexibly mapping new Simulink models to ECU functions to trigger their execution
  • Selecting ECU variables via an integrated A2L file browser or by defining new ones via dialogs
Measurement and calibration
  • Uploading and downloading ECU variables including data vectors
  • Real-time data acquisition and data stimulation of ECU variables including data vectors
Configuration of bypass interfaces and services
  • Switching between bypass execution platforms without changes to the Simulink model n Specifying several variable description files (A2L files) for the same bypass interface
  • Model-based configuration of bypass services and interfaces based on A2L files
Dynamic model configuration
  • Switching on/off the bypass function during run-time
  • Enabling and disabling service calls in the ECU code
  • Deactivating read/write access to selected ECU variables during run time without recompiling the model
  • Changing the ECU addresses, data types and value conversion methods of variables dynamically without modifying or recompiling the Simulink model
Interrupt configuration
  • Subinterrupt number assignment
Tool automation
  • Automation API for configuring bypass blocks via scripts
External bypassing Supported ECU interfaces and standards for external bypassing
  • XCP on CAN, XCP on Ethernet (UDP/IP), XCP on FlexRay
  • CCP (CAN Calibration Protocol)
  • Seed & key access to ECU for XCP and CCP
  • Dual-port memory (DPMEM)
Supported bypass services
  • dSPACE Calibration and Bypassing Service
  • dSPACE XCP Service for external bypassing via CAN, FlexReay and Ethernet buses
  • Third-party XCP services for measurement and calibration
  • Configurable failure checking and double buffer mechanism
  • Configurable fallback strategy when the connection between the RCP system and ECU is interrupted
XCP-related options
  • Switching calibration pages via XCP
  • XCP on CAN gateway functionality for arbitrated access to the ECU via multiple tools
Internal bypassing Microcontroller support
  • Supported microcontroller families:
  • Freescale MPC55xx, MPC56xx, and MPC57xx n ST Microelectronics SPC56 and SPC 57 n Infineon Tricore incl. AURIX n Renesas V850 and RH850 Support of whole microcontroller families; no ECU-specific licenses required.
Reuse of existing software functions
  • Integrating functions that are available as C source code into the Simulink model
  • Calling ECU-internal functions from the Simulink model
Supported bypass services
  • dSPACE Internal Bypassing Service
Virtual bypassing Supported bypass services
  • dSPACE Bypassing Service integrated in VEOS® and MicroAutoBox II

实时接口 (RTI) 在 dSPACE 硬件上自动实施 MATLAB /Simulink /Stateflow® 模型 编译器 在代码生成阶段将自动调用编译器 dSPACE ECU 闪存编程工具 通过校准接口实现 ECU 闪存编程 dSPACE XCP 服务 dSPACE XCP on CAN 服务用途广泛,如测量 ECU 变量、校准和 ECU 闪存编程。 dSPACE 校准和旁通服务 dSPACE 校准和旁通服务可用于测量、校准、旁通和闪存编程。 dSPACE 内部旁路服务 ECU 服务,适用于内部旁路和针对目标的原型 ECU 接口管理器 ECU 接口管理器是一种易于使用的工具,可以将旁路服务和连接快速集成在 ECU 软件中。 DS1005 PPC 板 The DS1005 PPC Board is ideal for computing models with high sampling rates and high I/O requirements, and for use in dSPACE AutoBox. DS1006 处理器板 DS1006 处理器板是计算十分复杂的密集处理模型的理想选择,适合实验室使用。 DS1007 PPC 处理器板 DS1007 特别适用于应用模型要求兼具高计算能力和快速闭环采样率的场合 附加 I/O 解决方案 我们的标准板卡未包含的 I/O 和总线的解决方案 DS2211 HIL I/O 板 DS2211 HIL I/O 板是硬件在环仿真所用的中央 I/O 板,尤其适用于发动机仿真和车辆动力学仿真领域。它将各种典型的 HIL I/O 信号融入到一个板中。 DS4121 ECU 接口板 通过一个 dSPACE 模块化系统连接多个电子控制单元 DS4505 接口板 FlexRay 或 CAN FD 总线接口 泛型串行接口 DCI-GSI 适用于功能旁路、测量、ECU 校准和闪存编程的泛型串行接口 MicroAutoBox 硬件 紧凑型单机版原型开发单元,配有实时硬件、I/O 及信号调节功能
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