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DS4004 HIL Digital I/O Board

96 digital I/O channels with signal conditioning


  • Each channel configurable as an input or output channel
  • Each I/O channel configurable as digital I/O or PWM I/O
  • I/O configurable by software


Key Benefits

The DS4004 comprises 96 digital I/O channels with signal conditioning for typical signal levels of 12 V, 24 V, and 42 V automotive systems arranged in three identical ports. Each channel is software-configurable as digital I/O or PWM I/O. The board supports 2-voltage systems in the voltage range of 5 V ... 60 V for each of the three identical ports. So up to six independent voltage systems are possible. Communication between the processor board and the I/O board is performed via the PHS bus (peripheral high-speed bus).

Application Areas

The DS4004 HIL Digital I/O Board measures and generates digital I/O signals during hardware-in-the-loop simulation. It is ideally suited for testing body electronic control units. This is due to its 96 digital I/O channels and signal conditioning on board. The latter enables easy integration of the DS4004 into a dSPACE Simulator Mid-Size, due to direct wiring available off-the-shelf from dSPACE. To support a large number of different use cases, the digital I/O channels can be driven separately or in groups with chronological synchronism.