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SystemDesk Support Center


Sep 28, 2015

Webinar: Generating Virtual ECUs Without AUTOSAR

November 25, 2015: In this free webinar, dSPACE will demonstrate how to generate virtual ECUs in non-AUTOSAR projects.


Sep 14, 2015

Case Study: Migration from AUTOSAR 3 to AUTOSAR 4

For migrating your AUTOSAR 3 projects to AUTOSAR version 4, dSPACE provides comprehensive support and consultation along the way.


Jul 23, 2015

Composition Diagram Port Connector for SystemDesk 4.3

This script can be used to automatically connect ports and interfaces of software components within a composition diagram.


Feb 03, 2015

Tabular Project Editor for SystemDesk 4.1 and 4.2

This SystemDesk Extra allows an alternative view and editing possibility of the elements and their attributes located in the Project Library or a subfolder of it.


Jan 08, 2015

Internal Behavior Viewer for SystemDesk 4.2

This SystemDesk extra graphically displays an AUTOSAR internal behavior that was specified in SystemDesk. Thus, the Internal Behavior Viewer is a display form for the internal behavior of an atomic software component.


Jan 08, 2015

New version: AUTOSAR Plugin for Beyond Compare 3

This utility helps you to detect differences in AUTOSAR XML files and to merge AUTOSAR data from one file to another.

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