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Real-Time Interface for Multiprocessor Systems (RTI-MP)

For graphical setup of multiprocessor structures

  • Interprocessor interrupts for synchronized tasks across several CPUs
  • Graphical setup of multiprocessor systems within Simulink®
  • Support for model referencing1)

Application Areas
The multiprocessor option for Real-Time Interface (RTI-MP) supports multiprocessor systems based on dSPACE's modular hardware and helps to increase the performance of real-time simulations. It assists in setting up multiprocessor networks, including the communication channels.

Key Benefits
RTI-MP offers a maximum of convenience to accomplish tasks such as:

  • Partitioning the system for optimum processor load
  • Defining interprocessor communication channels
  • Producing the communication code for a network of several processors

System dynamics can be designed in Simulink.

Working with RTI-MP
RTI-MP enables you to partition your system model and allocate the parts to the processors by using simple drag & drop operations. Each processor submodel can be adjusted individually for optimum performance, including step sizes, integration algorithms and trigger conditions. After specification, you can implement your model on the processor boards with a single mouse click. Build procedures can also be automated with the help of scripts.

RTI-MP for dSPACE Simulator
In practical development work, several processor boards are often connected to one networked dSPACE Simulator, and highly dynamic simulation models exchange simulation data via Gigalink modules. An easy way of specifying the topology of a whole network is therefore essential. RTI-MP offers special blocks to configure Gigalink communication within Simulink. The real-time application, including real-time synchronization between the simulators, can then be generated with a single click.


1) Please contact dSPACE for information on features and limitations.