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Variable Editor

Visualize, edit, and create ECU description files

  • Create new or edit ECU description files (A2L files)
  • Update address information of ECU variables from map files
  • Automate address update and A2L file generation via a command line interface

Application Areas
An A2L file according to the ASAM MCD 2MC standard (formerly ASAP2) contains all the information about measurement and calibration variables in the ECU. This includes information on the variables’ memory addresses and conversion methods, the memory layout and data structures in the ECU, variant dependencies, and communication parameters for the measurement and calibration interface. The automotive industry has widely adopted the A2L file format as a de-facto standard.
The Variable Editor from dSPACE is a stand-alone tool especially tailored to the ECU software development phase. New A2L files can be created from scratch or existing ones can be imported and modified. The editor is fully compatible with the ASAM-MCD 2MC standard.

Key Benefits
The Variable Editor serves to visualize, edit, and create ECU description files. Any number of A2L files can be imported into the editor, making it easy to copy and paste selected variables and groups into an existing or new description file. This makes it possible to generate subsets of existing A2L files and to merge the contents of multiple files.
Using the integrated map file manager, linker map files can be assigned to an ECU description file to update address information at a click.
In addition, the Variable Editor allows selected variables to be exported and imported and new or modified variables to be exchanged between users.